Tythe is a non-profit initiative from The EQ Foundation, a charitable foundation based in London. We believe passionately in trying to create a fairer and more sustainable world. Since 2015 we've given more than £1m to a range of charitable causes and we also set up Giving is Great to share data and advice to help donors give more effectively.

Eco-anxiety -> Productivity.

The environment is a cause that's particularly close to our heart, and we've noticed more and more individuals from all walks of life speaking up with the same passion. But beyond changing our individual behaviours, it's hard to know how best to help.

There are thousands of charities to consider supporting, and trying to work out what they all do and which are the most effective is a huge job. As a grantmaker, it's our job and we've being doing it for years through independent research.

There's no reason for us to hold on to our research. We're proud to share our recommendations of high impact charities. And we also want to make it incredibly easy for anyone to proactively support the cause with us, no matter how much or how little money you have.

Joining forces

To create Tythe we've teamed up with Worthwhile Applications, creators of CharityBase, who are experts in building web apps for social good.

Work in progress